The Shadow Chronicles

Brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior.

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Take me
It happened again... why does this keep happening and when will it be over? I never get a response...there is never an answer. The coldness spreads faster. I can feel it seeping into my veins, slowly riding up my fingers into my hands. What is this I feel? Anger...discontent...pity...frustration. Why now... My mind was playing tricks again. Making me think I had forgotten...but I was wrong. It shattered again, but this time there's nowhere left to run and no one willing enough... Damn this...Damn it all. I don't need any of this... I never asked for it in the first place. I can't do this anymore... I refuse to... I gave it up a long time ago. To be seen from the outside... I see a horrendous picture. A frozen scream... a blood stained ground... and it wasn't worth it after all. It was just a game... only a harmless game. Broken... shattered...slivered. The end results.

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I found your journal through random. I like your writing style, so i added you to my freinds list. (hope that's okay) you can add me too if you want..
Write me back if you want to :)

PS. sorry to hear about your cousin. stay strong

I was browsing through some of your entries; very impresive!! You have an amazing talent and such power over your words. I added you to my friends list as well...hope to hear more from you. Thanks for the encouragement in regards to my cousin. By the way: I love your icon...Heero, my favorite Gundam pilot.

I was browsing through your latest entries as well..
I should be the one complimenting you on your writing.
I can only describe your words as... a lonely rose nestled among a spanning silhouette of black lace.. as if your heart bleeds on the screen.
anyways.. I hope your cousin makes a full and happy recovery.
don't lose hope, for hope is a rare trait among people today.

Write again soon :)

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