The Shadow Chronicles

Brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior.

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In Search of...Sleep
Take me
Monday is the beginning of a clean slate. I am going to a new college (for reasons that I prefer not to disclose). I am not nervous, nor am I tense. I am actually looking forward to this new start.
For a moment I thought the world had stopped turning. Everyone was looking at the girl who had given up the will. I could feel their icy stares penetrating the dark of my soul, where no one dared to tread. And then the Earth shifted on its axis once more. Its movement shattered the illusion I had created. I was aware once more.
On another more sour note, I was finally able to see my little cousin Bilo. It had been so damn long since my family had seen him. If I ever see his father (if one can even call him that) I will let my rage out. I can never forgive him. He took them away from us. My two jewels who are now stars on the celestial sphere. He thinks he can break us, but he has no idea who he's dealing with. The child does not want to go back with him, and I don't blame him either. Bilo fell asleep in my arms and though I was holding him tight I could feel him slowly dissapear.

Enough of all this blabbering though. I have a collection of other things to be worried about...(like fighting those who stole my credit identity). I better start working on way to cure my insomnia too. I've already had too many dreams that I am incredibly late for the first day of class...


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