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Just because....
Take me
Well seeing as though I haven't posted in a while I just thought I'd do it now, since I'm actually home for a change and not in the usual hell hole that goes by the name "job". OH GOD!!! You should have seen that damned line the day after Thanksgiving!!! My God you'd think people were too stuffed to go shopping the next day. Glutinous louts!! But yeah the freaking line made a U-turn and ended up at around the same place it began. How pathetic and that was only at 8:00 am. I really need another job.
Other than the obvious, my life's been pretty stable? I don't know what to call it, but yeah. Life will never be the same since the last catastrophe, and this Thanksgiving seemed really I shouldn't have been happy, and to be quite honest, I wasn't. My dreams shattered, my hope lost. I have nothing left.
I guess the only thing I'm looking forward to is tomorrow cause I get to spend it with my SO. But anyways I'm gonna go grab a slice of pie and some jello.


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