The Shadow Chronicles

Brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior.

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Where did I venture off to?
Take me
"I think I left myself at the checkout stand at Ranch 99..."

Procrastination is my biggest weakness. That's probably why it takes me so damn long to update this thing. A lot of great things have happened, though it seems sometimes the bad outweigh the good.
I am now employed by the largest So. Cali, office furniture dealer. It's really great here... I get benefits and my hours and so flexible. Everyone is really great here too... I've really become attached to some of my co-workers. I am finally getting the hang of school once more. I was having some real issues when I was back in Cerritos. Once I headed out to OC though, I started to renew my love for school. I don't know what it is about OC, but it just makes me feel more at home. I hope to move there sometime soon.

Many of my friends are getting married within the year, and it seems I'm the only one without any plans. I would like to settle down in the future but right now is not the time. I can't help but feel left out though. My relationship with G. has come to new realizations. I feel as though we have a form of commitment now, but there are some things that are just not clear to me and these things are what usually make me depressed. I wonder sometimes if I am making the right decision or if there's something else out there...


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