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My own worst Enemy
Elfen Lied
Ok... so I COMPLETELY take back all the good things I previously said about my job, cause it went from Paradise to HELL in 15 minutes flat. How could one place hold so much EVIL?! Man! I remember when I used to BE the Queen of Evil. Something's definitely wrong here... and I don't intend to keep quiet any longer! Most people would probably be like, 'Is that all you're bitching about?' but I assure you the situation is far worse than it seems.

I mean, we're talking double shifts here. Ever since that good-for-nothing chick left, I've had to cover her shift and mine. Here are my daily tasks:

  • Answer phone calls (8 phone lines that ring simultaneously at times!)

  • Take down doctor's messages

  • Register new patients

  • Check in patients

  • 'Buzz" doctors at their office letting them know their patients have arrived

  • Call insurance companies for authorizations

  • Medical records

  • Full out insurance paperwork for authorizations

  • PMA paperwork for foster children

  • Input new patient information in the company database

  • Label/put away new patient charts

  • Miscellaneous tasks given by doctors throughout the day

  • Reminder calls for 30+ patients every night

There are currently 20+ doctors on staff and things get hectic all the freaking time! I'm sure I left out a good 5-10 tasks from that list, easily. All in an 8 hour time period. I am very good at multi-tasking, but this is freaking ridiculous!! Fingers are being snapped at me for shit I need time to do.
AND I DON'T GET THE FUCKIN TIME TO DO IT!! Arrrrgghhh!! >_<!! I wish people could understand how frustrated I am right now.
So when I saw a new list of 30+ things I "need to complete ASAP" on my desk from the company bitch, I totally lost it and slammed every door on my way out of that office. I made sure everyone new to steer clear of me or they were gonna get beat down. I know was radiating anger from every pore in my body. And I swear on my cousin's grave that if she would have shown her face, her teeth would've flown out her mouth. They would have to PRY my hands off her cold, limp body after I'd be through with her. UNFORTUNATELY, she wasn't there anymore and I felt like throwing the paper at my boss and walking out as an alternative.
But instead, yours truly went down to the basement/parking lot and went beserk on a poor, abandoned washing machine left down there. I hope that thing didn't have an owner... cause now... yeah.... it's gonna need some remodeling. >_>;; Anger management? Yeah, I probably need some. But can you blame me?!
Poor washing machine... I feel like rubbing what left of it's metallic frame in sympathy and saying "Im sorry".

Seriously though, I'm having a chat with the head honcho tomorrow about this. And if things don't get resolved in some way, shape or form, I think it's time to say goodbye to this job. I'm a very patient person... but once it's gone... oh how I pity your face.

If I'm going down... you can be sure as Hell, I'm taking you with me.


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