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Confessions of a Paradox
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Today I found myself skimming through some old LJ posts in a time where I still had some sanity left.
They're pretty amusing. I wonder where that girl with the colorful mind ventured off to?
She represented everything that I wanted to be and nothing I've become.
I'm getting really bad at this "updating" mumbo jumbo, if you didn't already realize. Procrastination is my one and only talent, and I have a knack at getting away with it. With friends, projects and such. It would never fly at work... well, only sometimes.

I have nothing but humbug updates. Nothing really of merit to warrant anyone's attention:
  1. I *thought* I was going back to school this semester after a long 4 year hiatus, but come to find out at the time of registering, I had some complications. Something about seeing a counselor to discuss a course plan. I was supposed to do this on Monday, but sleep felt so much better. Ah well, there's always Spring semester.
  2. After months of being bed-ridden and critically ill, my grandmother on my father's side passed away this Saturday. She was in her 80s and is survived by my grandfather and 5 offspring, 4 grandkids. At first I didn't know how to feel since I wasn't very close to her. She lived in Mexico for all her life and got to see my family every couple of years when my dad would bring them over. But we never fully established a personal or deep relationship with each other. I was always at work and there just wasn't much to talk about when there was time. We came from very different worlds and mindsets. But I loved my grandmother for the strong woman she was. I made sure she knew before she died.  I suppose the hardest part was giving my condolences to dad. It's always hard when the head of the home is pained and fragile like transparent glass. He tried to fight the emotions and it hurt to see him struggle. To save face in front of his family. And in the end, I couldn't say anything to him. What words were there left to say? I simply hugged him and hoped it conveyed my emotions and said the words I couldn't speak.
  3. My current long-term project is a personal blog I hope to have finished within the next couple of weeks. It'd be awesome if I knew some CSS to really give the site some personality, but I come equipped with a thick skull and MySpace is about the only site I know how to modify. The blog will be dedicated to my encounters with food. I plan to take a more informative approach to the various places I'll be visiting as opposed to an actual positive or negative review, though I can already tell that might be a challenge. People are not without their biases. What's tasty and delightful for me might be dog shit for another person... but I'll leave the ratings to my Yelp! account which has already gotten me some attention for being a "sarcastically harsh critic". Muahaha. The Queen of Evil returns. Honestly, I don't know if I'll be any good at this blogging thing or if my meager site will have any success, but here's hoping it'll catch a few wandering eyes.
I think that pretty much covers it. Can't think of much more in these wee hours of the night, er morning. And I gotta go to work tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed- cause that is so totally me.


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